Students use Makey Makey invention kits to play games and make music.  The Makey-Makey takes the place of the keyboard by using a Makey Makey circuit board, alligator clips, and everyday objects.

Students, Mrs. Carlton, Technology IA, and Mrs. Shifflett, TTRT, enjoy Osmo Coding on the iPad. Students connect the magnetic coding pieces together. A mirror is used to reflect the movements onto the iPad screen to program the character to move through the maze and complete tasks.

Dash the Robot is used to play a math game involving measurement and multiplication. Students code their robot to move across the board to collect cards in an effort to earn the highest score.

Students code with Ozobots by drawing lines on paper with colored markers. These lines act as commands for the Ozobot, indicating which direction to take, what speed to go, and what movements to make along the way, such as spinning like a tornado.

Students code and play a game of “Hot Dot” using Dot the Robot and the Blockly app.

A student enjoys a game on the Raspberry Pi, a small single board computer.

Staff and students experience Virtual Reality using Google Expeditions.

LittleBits are used to create circuits and display designs on the LED Matrix that were coded in the littleBits app.

Ozobot Evos were used to extend a recent study of space. Students modeled the interaction of the Moon and Earth using Ozobots. They also played OzoLaunch, a game in which students slingshot Ozobot through space in an attempt to land on the planets.