Orange County Public Schools Gallery Archive

Locust Grove Elementary and Locust Grove Primary Receive VIP Award

Orange County Public Schools is proud to announce that Locust Grove Elementary (LGES) and Locust Grove Primary (LGPS) Schools have been awarded the 2018 Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award. This award is one of the 2018 Virginia Index of...

Bringing Kindness to Life at Locust Grove Primary

Locust Grove Primary School Cardinals, both students and staff, exchanged kind words and compliments on spring shapes, then compiled them to create this mural, called: "Bring Kindness to Life!" We learned how small things add up to create a beautiful picture.

Orange County High School Seniors Visit Their Elementary Schools

On Friday June 1st, Orange County High School graduating seniors walked the halls of their elementary schools to reflect back! These students returned to Unionville Elementary School where they attended Kindergarten through 2nd grade over ten years ago.