Orange County Public Schools Participates in the Hour of Code Learning Event

Orange County Public Schools joined over 180 countries and tens of millions of students around the world in celebrating the 2016 Hour of Code.  While the event is officially scheduled to run from December 5th through the 12th, many of our schools have been conducting Hour of Code activities since the beginning of this school year due to the success of last year’s celebration.  Students were once again provided the opportunity to learn computer programming through a fun, engaging, game-like interface that teaches them how to think logically in order to accomplish a task.  This curriculum was developed through a joint effort between companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and many others, and was provided at no cost to students across the globe.  Each school in our county planned events around the Hour of Code, which included a variety of activities such as physical programming with robots, multiple examples of block-based programming (Santa’s Village was especially popular) and a cybersecurity simulation at the high school.  The programming skills the students learned were valuable and may help improve their academic performance and lead to a promising career.  The students and teachers also had a lot of fun!  Each school plans to continue and expand upon these activities throughout the year.

Use the links below to view Picture Galleries from each of the Orange County schools which participated in the Hour of Code Event.

Gordon-Barbour Elementary Hour of Code

Gordon-Barbour Elementary

Lightfoot Elementary

Lightfoot Elementary

Locust Grove Elementary School

Locust Grove Middle School Hour of Code

Locust Grove Middle School

Locust Grove Primary Hour of Code

Locust Grove Primary

Orange County High School

Orange County High School

Orange Elementary School Hour of Code

Orange Elementary School

Prospect Heights Middle School Hour of Code

Prospect Heights Middle School

Unionville Elementary

Unionville Elementary