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Programming Human Robots
This activity was completed in Science class. Students got an experience of programming robotics by programming a “robot” in their group to construct a specific cup tower. Instead of using English words and phrases to program the “robot”, students had to use a combination of six different symbols that the “robots” could read. The “robot” would then use the written code to see if they could build the correct cup tower. The students learned that the “robot” will do exactly what the code says, and it is important to make sure that there are no mistakes in the code.

Students recording the code for their cup towers, so the robot can correctly replicate the build.

Animate Your Name
This activity was completed in Math class. Students used the programming language “Scratch” to create a scene that animated their name. After a quick tutorial on the basics of how Scratch works, students got to explore what it was capable of. It was a great experience seeing students use creativity and logical programming at the same time.

Students using Scratch to program an animated version of their names.