School Board Policies

AA-School Division Legal Status
AC- Nondiscrimination
AD-Educational Philosophy
AE-School Division Goals and Objectives
AF-Comprehensive Plan
BB-School Board Legal Status
BBA-School Board Powers and Duties
BBAA-Board Member Authority
BBBA-Qualifications of School Board Members
BBBC-Board Member Oath of Office
BBD-Board Member Removal from Office
BBE-Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BBFA-Conflict of Interest and Disclosure of Economic Interest
BCA-School Board Organizational Meeting
BCB-School Board Officers
BCC-School Board Clerk
BCE-School Board Committees
BCF-Advisory Committees to the School Board
BCG-School Attorney
BDA-Regular School Board Meetings
BDB-Special School Board Meetings
BDC-Closed Meetings
BDCA-Calling and Certification of Closed Meetings
BDDA-Notification of School Board Meetings
BDDC-Agenda Preparation And Dissemination
BDD-Electronic Participation in Meetings from Remote Locations
BDDE-Rules of Order
BDDF-Voting Method
BDDG - Minutes
BDDH-Public Participation at School Board Meetings
BDDH-R-Regulations Pertaining to Public Participation at School Board Meetings
BF-Board Policy Manual
BFC- Policy Adoption
BFE-Administration in Policy Absence
BG-Board-Staff Communications
BG-R-Two-Way Communication System
BHB-School Board Member In-Service Activities
BHD-School Board Member Compensation and Benefits
BHE-School Board Member Liability Insurance
CA-Administration Goals
CBA-Qualifications and Duties for the Superintendent
CBB-Appointment and Term of the Superintendent
CBCA-Disclosure Statement Required of Superintendent
CBD-Superintendents Contract, Compensation and Benefits
CBG-Evaluation of Superintendent
CH-Policy Implementation
CF-School Building Administration
CHD-Administration in Policy Absence
CLA-Reporting Acts of Violence and Substance Abuse
CMA-School Division Annual Report Card
CMA-Quality Profiles
DA-Management of Funds
DB-Annual Budget
DGC-R Regulation for School Activity Funds
DGC-School Activity Funds
DG-Custody and Disbursement of School Funds
DGD-Funds for Instructional Materials and Office Supplies
DIA-Reporting Per Pupil Costs
DI-Financial Accounting and Reporting
DJA-Purchasing Authority
DJBA-Revolving-Petty Cash Fund Policy and Procedures
DJB-Petty Cash Funds
DJF Purchasing Procedures
DJG-Vendor Relations
DJ-R2 PPEA Guidelines
DJ-R-Regulations Governing Purchasing and Internal Accounting
DJ-Small Purchasing
DK-Payment Procedures
DLB-Salary Deductions
DLC-Expense Reimbursements
DLC-R Travel Regulations
DL-Payroll Procedures
DMA-Capitalization of Fixed Assets
DM-Cash In School Buildings
DN-Disposal of Surplus Items
DN-R1-Lost and Found Items
DN-R2-Guidelines and Procedures for the Disposal of Surplus Items
DO-Non-Locally Funded Programs
EA-Support Services
EBAA-Reporting of Hazards
EBAB-Possible Exposure to Viral Infections
EBA-Buildings and Grounds Inspection
EBBA-Emergency,First Aid,CPR and AED Certified Personnel
EBBB-Personnel Training-Viral Infections
EBB-Threat Assessment Teams
EBCB-Safety Drills
EBCD-School Closings
EB-School Crisis, Emergency Management, and Medical Emergency Response Plan
ECA-Inventory and Reporting of Loss or Damage
EC-Buildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance
EDC-Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials
EDC-R1 Employer Provided Vehicles
EDC-R2 Regulations for Use of School Owned Materials
EDC-R3 Management and Control of Facility Keys
EEAB-School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEAC-School Bus Safety Program
EEAD-Special Use of School Buses
EEA-Student Transportation Services
EFB-Free and Reduced Price Food Services
EFD-Food Sanitation Program
EFE-Food Service Records and Reports
EF-Food Service Management
EF-R Guidelines for Food Services Relating to Student Lunches, Debt Collection, Returned Checks, and Refunds
EGAA-Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
EI-Insurance Management
ET-Educational Foundations
FA-Facilities DevelopmentFB-Facilities Planning
FEA-Educational Facilities Specifications
FEB-Energy Management Conservation
FEB-R-Energy Management Conservation Regulations
FECBA-Energy Conserving Construction
FECBB-Accommodations for the Disabled
FEG-Construction Planning
FE-Playground Equipment
FFA-Naming School Facilities
FF-Public Dedication of New Facilities
FG-Retirement of Facilities
GAA-Staff Time Schedules
GAB_IIBEA-Acceptable Computer System Use
GAB-E1_IIBEA-E2-Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement
GAB-R_IIBEA-R-Acceptable Computer System Use
GAD-Access to Employee Social Media Accounts
GAE_JHG-Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
GAH-School Employee Conflict of Interests
GA-Personnel Policies Goals
GBA-F-JFHA-F-GBB-F Report of Harassment and Abusive Work Environment
GBA-JFHA-GBB Prohibition Against Harassment, Abusive Work Environment, and Retaliation
GBCB-Staff Conduct and Responsibilities
GBC-Staff Compensation Procedures
GBD-Board-Staff Communications
GBD-R-Two-Way Communication System
GBEA-Unlawful Manufacture, Distribution, Dispensing Possession or Use of a Controlled Substance
GBEB-Staff Weapons in School
GBECA-Electronic Cigarettes
GBEC-Tobacco Free school for Staff and Students
GBEF_JHCL-Lactation Support
GB-Equal Employment Opportunity-Nondiscrimination
GBE-Staff Health
GB-F Report of Discrimination
GBG-Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBI-Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBJ-Staff-Student Relations
GBLA-Third-Party Complaints Against Employees
GBL-Personnel Records
GBMA-Support Staff Grievances
GBM-Professional Staff Grievances
GBN-Staff Hiring Procedures
GBO-Virginia Retirement System
GBQ-Retiree Health Insurance Benefits
GBR-Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan
GCBA-Staff Salary Schedules
GCBB-Supplementary Pay
GCBD-R1 Regulations Pertaining to Staff Leaves and Absences
GCBD-R2 - Regulations Pertaining to Sick Leave
GCBD-Staff Leaves and Absences
GCBEA-Leave Without Pay
GCBEB-Military Leave and Benefits
GCBE-Family and Medical Leave
GCBF - Sick Leave Bank
GCB-Professional Staff Contracts
GCCB-Employment of Family Members
GCDA-Effect of Criminal Conviction or Founded Complaint of Child Abuse or Neglect
GCE-Part Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCG-Professional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract
GCI-Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCL-Professional Staff Development
GCN-Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCPA-Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPA-R-Regulation for Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPB-Resignation of Staff Members
GCPD-Professional Staff Discipline
GCPF-Suspension of Staff Members
GC-Professional Staff
GCQAB-Tutoring for Pay
GCQA-Nonschool Employment by Staff Members
GDB-Support Staff Employment Status
GDG-Support Staff Probationary Period
GDI-Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDN-Evaluation of Support Staff
GDPA-Reduction in Support Staff Work Force
GDQ-School Bus Drivers
GD-Support Staff
IAA-Notification of Learning Objectives
IA-Instructional Goals and Objectives
IB-Academic Freedom
IC_ID-School Year School Day
IEA-Pledge of Allegiance
IEB-National Motto
IEC-Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States
IE-Moment of Silence
IF-Curriculum Development
IGAD-Career and Technical Education
IGAE-IGAF-Health Education Physical Education
IGAG-Teaching About Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco
IGAI-Character Education
IGAJ-Driver Education
IGBA-Programs for Students With Disabilities
IGBB-Programs for Gifted Student
IGBC-Parent and Family Engagement
IGBE-Remedial and Summer Instruction Program
IGBF-English Learners
IGBGA-Online Courses and Virtual School Programs
IGBG-OffSte Instruction and Virtual Courses
IGBG-R Guidelines for Homebound Instruction
IGBH-Alternative School Programs
IGBI-Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs
IGDA-Student Organizations
IGE-Adult Education
IHA-Grouping for Instruction
IHB-Scheduling Placement Deadline
IIAA-Textbook Selection, Adoption and Purchase
IIAB-Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAE-Innovative or Experimental Programs
IIA-G Guidelines for Selection of Instructional Materials
IIA-Instructional Materials
IIBD-School Libraries-Media Centers
IIBEA-F2-GAB-F1-Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement
IIBEA-F3-Acceptable Computer System Use Sample Letter to Parents
IIBEA-GAB-Acceptable Computer System Use
IIBEA-R-GAB-R-Acceptable Computer System Use
IICA-F Field Trip Request Form
IICA-Field Trips
IICA-R-Guidelines for Field Trips
IICB-IICC - Community Resource Persons-School Volunteers
IJ-Guidance and Counseling Program
IJD College and Career Readiness
IKA-Parental Assistance with Instruction
IKB - Homework
IKB-R Homework Guidelines
IKC-Grading Policy
IKC-R-Determining Class Rank at OCHS
IKFA-Locally Awarded Verified Credits
IKFA-R Locally Awarded Verified Credits Regulation
IKF-Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements
IKG-Remediation Recovery Program
IKH-Retaking SOL Assessments
IL-Testing Programs
IM-Evaluation of Instructional Programs
INB-Teaching About Controversial Issues
INDC-R Guidelines for Released Time for Special Instruction
INDC-Religion in the Schools
JBA-Section 504 Nondiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures
JB-Equal Educational Opportunities Nondiscrimination
JB-F Report of Discrimination
JCA-Transfers by Student Victims of Crime
JCB-Transfers by Students in Persistently Dangerous Schools
JCJ-Classroom Assignments for Twins
JC-School Attendance Areas
JDG-JGE-R - Superintendents Designee for Suspensions and Expulsions
JD-School Census Oct 2008
JEA-Compulsory Attendance
JEB-Entrance Age - Admission of Persons Not of School Age
JEB-R-Regulations Pertaining to Kindergarten
JECA-Admission of Homeless Children
JECB-Admission of Nonpublic Students for Part-time Enrollment
JEC-F1-Required Notice of Students School Status
JEC-R School Admission
JEC-R-F2-Annual Application for Non-Resident Students
JEC-School Admission
JEDA-Make Up Work Following Absences
JEDA-R-Guidelines for Make Up Work Following Absences
JED-R-Guidelines for School and Class Attendance
JED-Student Absence Excuse Dismissals
JEG - Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JEH-Elementary and Middle School Retention-Promotion Policy
JEI-High School Promotion Policy
JFB-Student Involvement in Decision Making
JFCAA-Dress Code Policy
JFCAA-R Regulations for Student Dress Code
JFCA-Teacher Removal of Students From Class
JFCB-Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity
JFCC-Student Conduct on School Buses
JFCD-R Weapons in School
JFCD-Weapons in School
JFCE-Gang Activity or Association
JFCF-Drugs in School
JFCF-R1-Drug and Alcohol Screenings
JFCF-R2-Random Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulations
JFCF-R3 Drugs in School
JFCH-Tobacco-Free School for Staff and Students
JFCI-Substance Abuse Student Assistance Program
JFCJ-Written Notification of Violation of School Policies By Students in Alternative Education Programs
JFCL-Notification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults
JFC-R-Standards of Student Conduct
JFC-Student Conduct
JFG-Search and Seizure
JFHA-F-GBA-F-GBB Report of Harassment and Abusive Work Environment
JFHA-GBA-GBB Prohibition Against Harassment, Abusive Work Environment, and Retaliation
JGA-Corporal Punishment
JGDA-Disciplining Students with Disabilities
JGDB- Disciplining Students with Disabilities Serious Bodily Injury
JGD-JGE-R-Superintendents Designee for Suspensions Expulsions and Exclusions
JGD-JGE-Student Suspension-Expulsion
JHCA-Physical Examinations of Students
JHCB-Student Immunization
JHCCA-Blood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases
JHCCA-E-Guidelines for School Attendance for Students With Human Immunodeficiency Virus
JHCC-Communicable Diseases
JHCD-Administering Medicines to Students
JHCD-R1-Regulations on the Administration of Medicines to Students
JHCD-R2-The Administration of Auto-Injectable Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis and Severe Allergic Reaction Regulation
JHCE-Recommendation of Medication By School Personnel
JHCF-R Student Wellness Regulations
JHCF-Student Wellness
JHCH-School Meals and Snacks
JHCL-GBEF-Lactation Support
JHC-R Return to Play Guidelines for Students with Concussions and Head Injuries
JHC-Student Health Services and Requirements
JHDA-Human Research
JHG-GAE-Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
JHG-R-CPS Investigations
JHH-Suicide Prevention
JJAC-Student Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities
JHC-Student Health Services and Requirements
JHDA-Human Research
JHG-GAE-Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
JHG-R-CPS Investigations
JHH-Suicide Prevention
JJAC-Student Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities
JL-Fund Raising and Solicitation
JM-Restraint and Seclusion of Students
JN - Student Fees Fines and Charges
JN-R-Student Fees Regulation
JOD-Release of Student Data Records
JO-R-Notice for Directory Information
JO-Student Records
JOA-Student Transcripts
JP-Student Publications
JRCA-School Service Providers Use of Student Personel Information
KA-Goals for School-Community Relations
KBA-E-Rights and Responsibilites
KBA-F1-Request for Public Records
KBA-F2-Record of Inspection and or Delivery of Copies
KBA-Requests for Public Records
KBA-R-Requests For Information
KBC-Media Relations
KBE-Internet Privacy
KB-Public Information Program
KC-Community Involvement in Decision Making
KD-Public Participation at School Board Meetings (Also BDDH)
KD-R-Regulations Pertaining to Public Participation at School Board Meetings
KF-Distribution of Information Materials
KFA-Special Interest - Materials
KFB-Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires
KGA-Sales and Solicitations in Schools
KGB-Public Conduct on School Property
KG-Community Use of School Facilities
KGC-Use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes on school premises
KG-F-Facility Usage Application
KG-R1-Guidelines for Facility Use
KG-R2-Guidelines for Long-Term Lease of School Facilities
KH-Public Gifts to the Schools
KJ-Advertising in the Schools
KKA-R-Service Animals
KKA-Service Animals in Public Schools
KK-School Visitors
KLB-E-Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources
KLB-Public Complaints about Learning Resources
KL-Public Complaints
KMA-Relations with Parent Organizations
KNAJ-Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities
KNA-Violent Sex Offenders on School Property
KNB-Reports of Missing Children
KN-Sex Offender Registry Notification
KP-Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Cases of Estrangement, Separation, and or Divorc
KQ-Commercial Promotional Corporate Sponsorships
LA-Education Agency Relations Goals
LBD-Home Instruction
LBD-R-Guidelines for Home Instruction
LB-Relations with Other Schools and School Divisions
LC-Charter Schools
LC-E1-Orange County Public Schools Charter School Application Addendum
LC-E2-Charter School Application Review Team Criteria
LC-R-Orange County Charter Schools
LEA-Student Teachers
LEB-Advanced Alternative Courses for Credit
LI-Relations with Educational Accreditation Agencies