You may have seen Locust Grove Primary School’s “Anti-Bullying Tower” on display here and there around the district. It is presently at Locust Grove Middle School for its last stop this year after touring all of our schools and TEAC as well.

What is it?

Well…after collecting a large pile of styrofoam from furniture boxes and such, we at Locust Grove Primary School put together a large tower and painted it. Every student in the school got a chance to help paint. It was GREAT! Then we added white boards and post it notes with thoughts about “Anti-Bullying,” and asked viewers to add post its and draw on the white boards or add comments in our comment book as the tower toured all the schools in the district. We started an amazing dialog all around the schools about Bullying and how to deal with it…and hopefully eliminate it! It has been a big success and has traveled the district since early October, staying for various lengths of time at each stop. It’s been informative, interactive and a lot of fun!