Orange County High School will be participating in the Virginia High School League eSports competition.

eSports is competitive video gaming. Lots of eSports teams exist today with more being added every day. The Virginia High School League will sponsor several games this year in a trial. We will be selecting “League of Legends” as the one game on which we will focus. The team will have up to 20 total players. This will enable us to have 3 separate 5-person teams with 5 extra players at any time.

The league will run during November, December and January with one formal match per week beginning Oct. 14th.

Team Members:

Juniors: Cole Conley | Ethan Williams | Matthew Brown | Rafe Templin | Stanley Guo | Tim Black

Sophomores: Bryan Brown | Gage Shifflet | Kristian Smith | Reese Horne | William Lamb

Coaches: Brandon Bennett | Vince Arebalo