The Orange County High School Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America have been very active in the past month. We have held the annual yard sale where students helped deliver items to tables and community member vehicles, we held our first Trick or Treat car show where over 300 community members came out to, and yesterday FCCLA members from OCHS hosted a regional leadership rally in the old gym.

It is awesome to see students in action and applying management skills, organizational skills, speaking skills, customer service, initiative, and most of all gaining leadership skills in our community.

On November 6th we had 6 schools with a total of 70 students attend our leadership rally. Spostlyvania, Culpeper, and Greene county listened to our guest speaker, Martha Robey, the Mayor of Orange County. Mrs. Robey was very motivating and inspiring for our group. Next, students participated in five activities.

1. Students learned about the National Programs offered by FCCLA by playing charades and coming up with projects for our community with our FCCLA National officer.

2. Students painted Kindness Rocks. At the end of the day each student listed to a story where they had to stand in a circle and move the rocks in their hand to the left or the right when the directions were announced. At the end of this activity they had a different Kind word to take back to their school community where they were instructed to hide so that other people can be inspired by a kind rock. This is a project for the Stop the Violence national program offered through FCCLA.

3. Students created a poster to publicize FCCLA in their schools. The students had to follow a rubric as an example of a competition at the state competition that will be held in April 2020. The purpose of this project was to get students thinking about competing at the state level.

4. Students played Human Hungry Hippo game using drunk goggles. The objective of the game was to teach students about safe driving in their community. Once the different colored balls were captured they read each ball. Each ball had a safe driving fact or unsafe driving. This activity was for our Families Acting for Community Safety National Program offered through FCCLA.

5. Students painted ornaments and wrote a Christmas card for Dogwood Nursing Home as part of our Community Service National Program.