Background Information

Orange County Public Schools currently provides a technology device to each student in all instructional spaces in all of our schools throughout the day. This device has traditionally been assigned to the classroom where it stays and is available to students. However, for the 2020-21 School year, OCPS will move to a more traditional 1:1 model.

In our middle schools, Chromebooks will be assigned to students to start the year or when they enter Orange County Public Schools. The device will then travel with the student throughout the day and be turned back in prior to departing for the day. In our high school, a Chromebook will be assigned to a student which they will then carry home to and from school each day. All devices will be turned in at the end of the year for inventory, cleaning and updates as needed.

Goals for Students

The goals for this new 1:1 model address instruction, resource logistics and budget. We believe:

  • Student instruction is enhanced by the proper application of technology throughout the school day
  • Achievement measures, especially those designed to assess the Virginia 5 C’s, can be improved with technology as students and staff redefine tasks in ways not possible without ubiquitous access to technology.
  • Classroom instruction time can be used more efficiently with a proper implementation of 1:1 Technology, allowing more time on task for students and less administrative time for classroom teachers.
  • A properly implemented 1:1 model can lower overall costs and provide for a more steady year to year budget projection which will, in turn, allow for better access to technology for staff and students.

In grades 6-8, each student will be assigned a Chromebook in a protective case to start the year. They will pick up the Chromebook in the morning and return it at the end of their school day.
In grades 9-12, each student will receive a Chromebook, AC charger, and protective case to start the year. The student will be responsible for the device each day and at night. Students will turn in the Chromebook at the end of the school year to be reissued the same device to start the next year.

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