Many faculty members met virtually with their building level principals today. These faculty meetings were facilitated through our online Zoom presence. The purpose of these meetings was to inform the faculty of the general “big picture” plan and to leverage their expertise in content creation and delivery. As expected, our teachers rose to the challenge. In addition to our leadership teams, we owe a great deal of gratitude to our teachers for believing that we can educate our students regardless of the seemingly insurmountable odds. THANK YOU!!!


Our plans that we have been developing over the past few weeks, in addition to our foresight of procuring enough Chromebooks for a 1:1 [student to device] ratio this past year, have positioned us well for such deployment despite the broadband challenges a rural environment can present.


As part of our extended instruction plan that we’ve been developing over the past few weeks, personal communication to each family regarding device and internet accessibility reigns as the essential critical step. Over the next few days, families will be contacted by their teachers to ascertain connectivity. You should have received a School Messenger contact earlier today that suggested such contact will be made. Depending upon such availability of device and/or connectivity, a solution will be created to deliver instruction.


It should also be noted that we are not just living in the present. We are evaluating and experimenting through this challenge in an effort to create a stronger and more consumer-oriented school system when we return to “normal” operations. We embrace this challenge to make ourselves better while ensuring we add value and opportunity for our students. We can only do this with your matched enthusiasm. We appreciate our partnership with you: the parents, grandparents, and guardians of our future.