COVID-19 CLOSURE UPDATE:  We are still asking parents of students who plan to attend Kindergarten in the 2020-2021 school year to use our online registration system (links listed below*) to register their child.  Due to the current closure and ban on close contact, we will not be able to schedule the usual face-to-face meetings between parents and Registrars until the ban is lifted.  During those meetings, Registrars would have reviewed the verification documents like birth certificates and proof of residency to finalize the process. Please use the portion of the online registration form that allows you to upload a digital version of the following documents: proof of residency (please see Registration Checklist ) immunizations, and a physical exam.  If you have a digital photograph or scan of your child’s birth certificate, please email that with your first and last name and your child’s first and last name to:

You will be contacted when the digital version of the birth certificate arrives.  You will still be required to present a valid physical copy of the birth certificate later when the ban is lifted, but these electronic verification documents will allow us to start on the process now.

To be eligible to enroll in kindergarten, the child must meet the following age requirement:

  • A child must be five on or before September 30, 2020

At the time of registration parents are reminded to bring their child with them and the following information:

  • Parent’s photo id
  • Original birth certificate or Head Start verification form
  • Two proofs of residency
  • Physical examination results**
  • Immunization records showing month, day, and year with physician’s signature

** Students entering kindergarten are required to have a physical prior to the first day of class.