Staff have successfully implemented three weeks of planning into reality this past week. Throughout the past three weeks under the leadership of the Directors of Instruction, teachers created digital content for students for the remainder of the school year. They developed digital content for the online consumer, and they developed digital content for those who have no online connectivity. Students and families were personally contacted (surveyed) to ascertain digital connectivity. Using the survey data, the technology staff gathered Chromebooks by removing them from classroom carts to be digitally cleaned and physically sanitized. The Chromebooks were also paired with a working charger.


During those three weeks, the devices were re-inventoried digitally in an effort to assign them to students in proper working order. This digital inventory system will also aid in confirming those devices that are returned by May 27, 2020. It’s important to note that care was taken to remove defective devices from deployment in an effort to minimize frustrations of inoperable devices manifesting once students arrived home. The process should remain fluid, meaning that communication between parents and school staff is of most importance in an effort to be of greatest value for our students.


So, what does the week of April 13th deployment data suggest?


Deployment numbers of our Chromebook solution to date:

OCHS – 506 devices deployed; LGMS – 254 devices deployed; PHMS – 270; LGES – 200; LGPS – 180; UES – 156; LES – 110; GBES – 175; and OES – 358. There are 2,209 devices deployed this week to support remote learning for Orange County Public School students. As you are aware, the total student population is around 5,000. This differential suggests that some students indicated they have devices and connectivity to support the online digital learning environment.


While our model is not without glitches and challenges, we will continue to learn from this deployment to continue to raise Orange County Public Schools to greater heights for our students. Resiliency and focus are key through times like this. We will continue our mission and grow.