As noted in the last blog post dated June 24, 2020 we released what we termed as “preliminary planning” for school reopening and what families should prepare for at that time. It was a status update of what we believed we could operationally support based upon the current Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) guidance and current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. As you can appreciate, guidance and expertise change almost daily. What we determine one day may change on another day based upon new data or guidance research. It’s our commitment to communicate our realities as we move through the process together rather than unintentionally create a misleading expectation.

We have hope that we can potentially provide more face-to-face opportunities for more students if we understand the nuances of all of our PreK-12 students’ transportation needs. Please complete the following registration form Transportation Registration Form to assist us in planning. Please be reminded that this is a reopening plan. We all have hopes that we can move to a more predictable and reassuring environment for our students soon. Thank you for your support and understanding.