As stated in earlier communications, the reopening plan evolves as staff learns more information about family dynamics. Recently, a transportation registration survey was made available online. Those who were not able to access the live link on bus registration will be receiving a phone call from their school’s staff by July 15th. Preliminary data from this bus registration survey was shared at the July 6th school board meeting. It’s important to note that this revised approach has opened up more possibilities for our students who attend school face-to-face beyond what was stated in the last blog update. It was introduced at the July 6th board meeting that, tentatively:

  • PreK-8 would attend face-to-face on an A/B day schedule two days per week
  • Grades 9-12 would attend face-to-face one day per week
  • For those who prefer no face-to-face instruction, a 100% Virtual OC online solution would be provided

The remaining non face-to-face days would be virtually delivered through the Canvas platform, much like the Virtual OC online solution. Please be reminded that the experience using Google Classroom this past spring was not our finished product. We fully believe that the Canvas platform will provide a better educational experience.

Please do not confuse these updates with a detailed plan. These updates are provided as a courtesy to reflect the general direction for school reopening. The health document details are being developed in conjunction with the instructional reopening plan. We are working diligently to balance educational needs with health needs. Once the plan documents have been submitted to the Virginia Department of Education, they will be available for reference on our website. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.