We have been afforded nine days of instruction in Orange County Public Schools. Our students, parents, and all employees are to be commended for their unprecedented determination to ensure that our students have the opportunity to learn in a safe and healthy environment; whether through the 100% Virtual OC solution or the modified hybrid solution. The key to continued success is open communication and meticulous coordination of effort. Again, thank you!

Some have asked, “Why are we not having instruction this Friday, September 4?” The answer to that question lies within the outcome of the 2019 General Assembly session. The 2019 General Assembly amended provisions in the Code of Virginia that now requires Orange County Public Schools to close on Friday prior to Labor Day should Orange County Public Schools adopt a school calendar that opens school prior to Labor Day. Click here for supportive details.

After this posting, I will continue blogging as situations necessitate. The blog button’s web presence will be diminished from a large centered button on the Orange County Public Schools’ web page to a smaller button above and equal to the size of the “Distance Learning Parent Support” button.