As many of you are aware, on November 13th Governor Northam announced additional statewide measures to mitigate the spread COVID-19. He did so through the Sixth Amended Executive Order 67 (2020). After consultation with our local health department, the state health department, legal counsel and the Virginia Department of Education we understand that we will implement the following new best practices as a result of the new statewide measures:

  • When indoors and in the presence of at least one other person, all students 5+ years old and all employees are expected to wear a face covering. This is more extensive than the guidance we have practiced in the past. We are now required to wear our face covering at all times. The only exceptions are when one is eating, drinking or participating in recess outdoors.
  • There shall be no gathering of more than 25 people in a meeting, even if all participants are masked and physically distanced.

As guidance continues to shift based upon the ever changing health data, we will continue to methodically vet such guidance in the interest of keeping our students and employees safe in the most effective manner possible at that time. Thank you for your continued patience and continued support. Everyone please continue proper hand washing, continue physical distancing, and continue using face coverings properly (over the nose and mouth).