During their March 15, 2021 work session, the Orange County School Board and school administration announced an expansion of in-person instruction for all students, Pre-K through 12th grade, to four days of in-person instruction with virtual instruction on Fridays.

Starting April 12, the four days of in-person instruction will occur Monday through Thursday (with virtual learning on Fridays). We will also continue to offer the 100% Virtual OC option for families who do not support additional in-person learning at this time.

The introduction of the four-day in-person instructional model will precipitate the elimination of the two-day in-person model at PreK-8 and the one-day in-person model at the high school. The last day for these models will be Friday, April 2, 2021.

To guide planning for this transition, we are asking parents of all students to complete a survey choosing either (a) the four-day in-person instruction option or (b) the 100% virtual instruction option.   

It is very important that this survey be completed for EVERY student in PreK-12 regardless of how your student(s) currently attends school.

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