School Hours of Operation for 2021-2022 School Year

During the Spring of 2021, parents of Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) students were surveyed regarding their preference of start times for the 2021-2022 school year. Options provided in the survey were for (1) middle/high school students to begin at approximately 7:30 and primary/elementary school students at approximately 9:30 or (2) primary/elementary school students to begin at approximately 7:30 and middle/high school students at approximately 9:30.

Option 1 was selected by 70% of those responding.

The schedule for the 2021-2022 school year will look the same as the 2020-2021 schedule except in-person learning will take place five (5) days per week. The schedule will be as follows:

SCHOOL Instructional Day Start Time Instructional Day End Time
Gordon-Barbour Elementary 9:15am 3:53pm
Lightfoot Elementary 9:15am 3:53pm
Locust Grove Elementary 9:05am 3:43pm
Locust Grove Primary 9:15am 3:53pm
Locust Grove Middle 7:25am 2:25pm
Orange County High 7:25am 2:31pm
Orange Elementary 9:15am 3:53pm
Prospect Heights Middle 7:25am 2:25pm
Unionville Elementary 9:05am 3:43pm

This Two-Tier Standard Day Schedule has been developed in response to the need for most drivers to drive two routes, one elementary and one secondary.