We are truly excited to welcome all of our students and staff back to Orange County Public Schools for a closer-to-normal new year. Our teachers, staff, and administration have been working tirelessly to prepare for our students’ return. Our buildings are sparkling clean and await the traditional busy pace that each day brings. It’s our intention, as stated on the front of the OCPS web page, to maintain a five-day in-person learning model. In order to be successful with this model we must employ a layered approach of mitigation strategies that embraces attendance for all students. Please reference this list for 2021-2022.

It takes the cooperation of all of us to ensure consistent in-person attendance for our students. In my discussions with everyone, we all agree that our students need to be in school. In order to provide our students this opportunity we are dedicated, as a school system, to institute best practice. In addition to the sanitizing protocols and good hygiene practices, we need all of us to wear our masks while in the buildings in an effort to keep aerosols minimal with respect to all potential derivations of COVID. This will enable us to better keep our employees and students safe. The masks will also aid in contact tracing as per the current Virginia Department of Health recommendations.

Hopefully, if we remain strong by implementing our mitigation strategies, we can effectively and successfully commence peeling back the layers of mitigation. As always, thank you for being OC Strong!