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Front view of the Taylor Education Administration Complex.

About Orange County Public Schools

Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) expresses a division-wide commitment to improve the future by empowering our students to value learning, reach their full potential, and achieve their goals.  The school system serves the families of Orange County, VA, a rural community in the heart of central Virginia with a population of 37,085 residents.



The school division includes 9 schools in Orange County.  OCPS reflects the geographic and social diversity of Orange County.  The elementary classrooms have an average of a 1:20 teacher-to-student ratio, while the secondary classrooms have a 1:22 teacher-to-student ratio.

There is a population of 5,066 students in OCPS, broken out as follows:

Enrollment Pie Chart displaying enrollment by school.

From academics to athletics, from the arts to career skills, OCPS is proud to be part of helping our community thrive by ensuring that each child has the right to achieve and the support to succeed.


OCPS School Districts

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