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Orange County Public School Empowering Students Achieving Dreams

The Vision and Mission of the Orange County Public Schools serve to guide the work that is done throughout the school division and in the community to help all students achieve at the highest levels possible.


To improve the future by empowering our students to value learning, reach their full potential, and achieve their goals.


To provide the highest quality education for all students in a safe and caring environment.  Our graduates will master 21st Century skills necessary to work and live productively, with an emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics and reasoning.  Our graduates will be health-conscious, life-long learners who demonstrate good character and productive citizenship.

Foundational Beliefs

WE BELIEVE that all students can learn and be successful when given the opportunity in a positive and
safe environment.

WE BELIEVE that we share the collective responsibility of ensuring that our students and staff succeed
and reach their full potential.

WE BELIEVE in the power of collaboration among parents, students, teachers, staff and community to
positively influence education.

WE BELIEVE it is our responsibility to provide opportunities and resources to empower and educate all
students and their families as we work together to meet educational goals.

WE BELIEVE we must maintain high expectations and hold all team members accountable for the safety
and achievement of our students.

WE BELIEVE that we can influence the future through our work.

We are

a supportive, caring, family-like educational community working to provide an environment where students learn to believe in themselves, achieve their dreams and flourish.