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Orange County Public Schools Department of Elementary and Secondary Instruction – Title I Information

For more information on the Orange County Public Schools curriculum, contact Judy Anderson or Renee Honaker at 540-661-4550.

Title I – Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

What is Title I

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 2001 provides financial assistance to support instructional programs in school divisions and schools with high numbers or percentages of low-income students to ensure that all children meet challenging content and achievement standards set forth by the state.

Title I also authorizes federal grant programs that provide funds for reading instruction, services to migrant children, services to neglected and delinquent children, comprehensive school reform and dropout prevention.

How it Works

Title I, Part A provides financial assistance through state educational agencies to qualifying school divisions and public schools. School divisions target the Title I funds they receive to schools with the highest percentages of children from low-income families. Schools enrolling at least 40 percent of students from low-income families are eligible to use Title I funds.

Please visit the Virginia Department of Education ESEA  for additional information.

Title I in OCPS

Orange County Public Schools uses the Schoolwide Program model of Title I.
The following schools are school-wide Title I schools: Gordon-Barbour Elementary, Lightfoot Elementary, Unionville Elementary, and Orange Elementary.

Under the Schoolwide program, schools must:

  • Have 40% poverty or greater to implement a Schoolwide program
  • Funds are used to improve the overall academic program of the school

A Title I Schoolwide team must annually develop a Schoolwide plan that includes the following:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment
  • School wide reform strategies
  • Provision for instruction by highly qualified professional staff
  • Strategies for increasing parental involvement
  • Measures for including teacher input to improve student performance and the overall instructional program
  • Provision of assistance to struggling students

Parent Advisory Committee

The Title I Parent Advisory Committee will meet once each school year. The committee will provide a forum for parents to assist in the planning, review, and improvement of the school plan. They discuss ways to improve student achievement as well as improve parent and community involvement. If you are interested in serving on the Parent Advisory Committee, please contact Judy Anderson, Director of Elementary Instruction.

Parent Right to Know

Parents may request information on the professional qualification of their child’s classroom teacher. Information is available at the Virginia Department of Education site. For more information, contact Yvonne Dawson, Director of Human Resources, 540-661-4550.

Contact Information

Judy Anderson
Director of Elementary Instruction
Orange County Public Schools