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Hornet Possibilities


Hornet Possibilities is an opportunity designed to enhance students’ learning experiences. This program is a joint partnership between Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) and businesses and organizations.
These experiences can be as simple as job site visits or as complex as paid apprenticeships.OCPS is seeking partners in this endeavor. If your organization is interested in partnering with Orange County Public Schools, please contact:
Ellen Pitera
Community Liaison
Orange County Public Schools
(540) 938-1941

Partnership Opportunities

Role of the Division

  • Introduce students to various career paths
  • Provide training to prepare students for the learning opportunity
  • Monitor students' progress during the learning opportunity
  • Provide corrective instruction based on placement feedback
  • Provide any necessary paperwork needed for the learning opportunity
  • Follow up with businesses to improve the Hornet Possibilities program


Role of the Partners

  • Complete a professional agreement
  • Provide a safe, meaningful learning opportunity
  • Provide feedback during the placement
  • Complete a student evaluation after the learning opportunity