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Gifted & Talented Services

Staff Contacts


Judy Woolfrey, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Elementary Instruction
(540)661-4550 x1548
Renee Honaker, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Secondary Instruction
(540)661-4550 x1551
Kathryn Clemmer
LES and UES Gifted Resource Teacher
(540)661-4519 x3002 
Melina Downs
LGES Gifted Resource Teacher
(540)661-4483 x4501
Betsy Hamilton
PHMS Gifted Resource Teacher
(540)661-4399 x2501
Dana Koehler
GBES Gifted Resource Teacher
(540)661-4499 x2027
Sharon Mohrmann
OES Gifted Resource Teacher
(540)661-4449 x2604
Laura Wright
LGMS Gifted Resource Teacher
(540)661-4482 x7633
Orange County Public Schools believes that all students benefit from challenging instruction that results in the attainment of meaningful academic goals. It is the mission of the Orange County Public School System to properly identify and provide appropriate educational services to gifted learners among all ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups.
Gifted students are those who exhibit exceptional ability at a level such that differentiated educational opportunities must be provided to meet their instructional needs.
The Orange County Public School System understands these needs and is committed to:
  • identifying the gifted learner utilizing multiple criteria for eligibility,
  • providing a differentiated K-12 curriculum which challenges the gifted learner,
  • staffing with certified individuals who are knowledgeable concerning the needs, interests and abilities of gifted learners and providing them with professional development, and
  • providing opportunities for dialogue among parents, staff and community.