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Virginia Assessment Parent Portal

The Virginia Assessment Parent Portal is a web-based portal where you will create a user account and gain access to your child's test results for specific statewide assessments. This includes test results from the 2022-2023 Grades 3-8 Reading and Mathematics Growth Assessments that your child completed earlier this school year.

You will be able to review your child’s Student Detail by Question (SDBQ) Report for each test completed, and, in most cases, you will be able to view a personalized video accompanying the SDBQ Report for your child. This customized video provides an overview of the SDBQ report, explains specific details from your child’s SDBQ report, and directs you to resources on the Virginia Department of Education’s website to assist with your child's academic needs. 

You will need your child's unique Claim Code to create your Virginia Assessment Parent Portal account. Please contact your child's school to obtain the required login information.