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Staff Resources

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SPED Staff Resources

Susan Aylor
Executive Director of Special Education & Student Services
(540)661-4550 x1543
Nora Brooking
Coordinator of Special Education and Student Services
(540)661-4550 x1544
Johanna Colson
Coordinator of Special Education and Student Services
(540)661-4550 x1557
Phyllis Long
Administrative Assistant &
Student Records
(540)661-4550 x1545
Lauren Rollins
Secretary, Medicaid Coordinator & Bookkeeper
(540)661-4550 x1546
Wendy Boone
Social Worker for PHMS, OES & GBES
(540)661-4550 x1565
Jennifer Craiger
Social Worker for OCHS, LES, & UES
(540)661-4550 x1674
Amy Reed
Social Worker for LGMS, LGES & LGPS
(540)661-4550 x1563
Jessica Harris
School Psychologist 
(540)661-4550 x1559
Corie Reynolds
School Psychologist
(540)661-4550 x1561
Laura Phares
Behavior Specialist
(540)661-4550 x1689


Brandi Waugh
Transition Specialist
Amanda Mosser
Mental Health and Wellness
(540)661-4550 x1690
The office of Special Education is committed to fostering an active, dynamic and collaborative approach to engaging students and parents as equal partners with the common mission of empowering and educating ALL students. While focusing on strengths and the unique abilities of each individual, we strive to eliminate barriers and ensure equal access to high quality education and services. We work to develop student's academic abilities and self-determination skills to become independent.

Resources for Parents and Students