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Student Services

Students playing chess in library.

The Department of Student Services is responsible for division-wide management of student welfare, including attendance and truancy enforcement, discipline appeals, school health services, school counseling services and matters associated with student safety. In addition, the Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services will serve as the school division’s primary liaison with community agencies that deal with the safety and welfare of children and youth.  In addition, the Executive Director serves as the McKinney Vento liaison for the school division for students experiencing homelessness.

Code of Student Conduct

Safe Schools

Section 504 Resources

Homeless/McKinney-Vento/Project Hope-Virginia Information

Foster Care Information

Homebound Services

School Health Resources

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Laws Regarding the Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults

Section 22.1-279.4 of the Code of Virginia requires local school boards to provide information, developed by the Office of the Attorney General, to students regarding laws governing the prosecution of juveniles as adults for the commission of certain crimes.


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Department Contacts:


Susan Aylor
Executive Director of
Special Education
& Student Services
(540)661-4550 x1543
Wendy Boone
Social Worker
(540)661-4550 x1565
Kendra Crane
School Nurse Manager
(540)661-4300 x1118


Nora Brooking
Coordinator of Special Education
& Student Services
(540)661-4550 x1544
Jennifer Craiger
Social Worker
(540)661-4550 x1674
Johanna Colson
Coordinator of Special Education
& Student Services
(540)661-4550 x1557
Amy Reed
Social Worker
(540)661-4550 x1563


Jessica Harris
School Psychologist 
(540)661-4550 x1559
Corie Preston
School Psychologist
(540)661-4550 x1561
Amanda Mosser
Mental Health & Wellness
(540)661-4550 x1690