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Welcome to OCPS Transportation!


Justin Sarver
Director of Transportation
Extension 1258
Kim Burke
Coordinator of Transportation, SPED Transportation
Extension 1257 

Gaye Cook
Elementary Routing Specialist
540-661-4596      Extension 1267

Trina Rimmer
Seondary Routing Specialist
540-661-4596      Extension 1260

Rose Last
540-661-4596  Extension 1261

The OCPS Transportation Department ensures that our students are delivered to and from school safely each and every day.    

Bus Driver Vacancy Announcement

Important Information for the 2023-24 School Year


2023-24 Bus Schedules

Bus Schedules will be pushed out through the StopFinder App.  Please check the app frequently as times and bus numbers may continue to change until the first day of school due to changing student needs.  We will not be sending mailings this year.

If you will not be using transportation, please let us know so we can remove your student from our bus roster.  You can change your mind and add them back at any time.

Activity Bus Routes

First page of the PDF file: ActivityBusRoutes-2023-2024

2023-24 Activity Bus Routes

Click image above to view all routes.

Academic Bus Routes

First page of the PDF file: 2023-24PHMS_OCHS_LGMSAcademicRoute_2.1.24


Click the image above to view full schedule.
First page of the PDF file: LGES_LGPSAcademicRoute23-24_2.1.24


Click the image above to view full schedule.

Important Information for the 2023-24 School Year

StopFinder Parent App 

Parents have a new tool to help them better manage their child's transportation needs. OCPS has partnered with Transfinder and Zonar to implement Stopfinder.
Stopfinder is an app for smart devices that allows parents and guardians to register to receive bus stop information for each of their children. The app will automatically update the expected pick-up and drop-off time as changes occur. The app will also report if the bus driver will be in a substitute bus to help ease children and parent concerns. The app allows parents to know when the bus has arrived at their bus stop using GPS technology. 
Please contact transportation at if you have any questions about the StopFinder App.   
It is very important that you contact your child's school as soon as possible if you have moved or need to update your child's profile so that a transportation plan can be established for your child.  Invitations will be sent via email to the primary contact on your child's records.
The OCPS Transportation Department encourages parents to register for and download the Stopfinder App to access your student’s schedule, or you may use the InfoFinder button below.  Please enter your student’s e-911 address and it will provide the schedules associated with that address.


Infofinder website logo


Stopfinder Information

Drivers and transportation staff in front of a school bus celebrating National School Bus Safety Week.

RFID Bus Passes

Each student will be issued a bus pass. The RFID card will be scanned as the student enters and exits the school bus, generating a live roster. Given that many students have multiple transportation arrangements, this technology will allow school and transportation administrators to determine which bus a student is on, when he or she boarded, and when and where he or she disembarked from the bus.  Please contact your child's school if your student needs to register for transportation. Once registered, a bus pass will be sent to your student's school. While students will be required to use the bus pass, there is a procedure for the driver to manually add them to the electronic bus roster if their pass is missing or damaged. For younger students, attaching the bus pass to a strap on the book bag may be the best option for ensuring that they always have the bus pass for boarding.

All OCPS Buses Are Now Air Conditioned!

The Orange County School Board heard the concerns from our community regarding the
temperatures on our school buses during the late summer and early fall months. In
response to these concerns, all OCPS buses have been retrofitted with air conditioning.
This is a significant step to improving both student and driver comfort. Special thanks go
out to Sonny Merryman, Inc and Kingmor Supply, Inc., the bus dealerships that installed
the vehicle air conditioning systems.

Bus Rules and Regulations

OCPS has adopted BUS Expectations for Positive Behavior for the 2023-24 school year. 

BUS stands for:

BUS Behavior graphic


More information about BUS is included in the Student Code of Conduct.  We must work together to ensure the safe transport of your child, and we need your help to ensure that your child understands how their behavior impacts the safety of others. 


Regulations for Students Riding Buses


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