Hiring Policies and Procedures for All Staff

  • All interested candidates must complete an online application.
  • They are required to submit three references.
  • They must provide answers to questions regarding criminal convictions and or findings of child abuse or neglect.
  • Candidates are then put through an interview process (if selected).
  • Candidates who are recommended for employment are then processed through the human resource office. This includes additional paperwork to include submitting to fingerprinting that is electronically submitted to the Virginia State Police and FBI. Candidates must also complete a Child Protective Services Form that is submitted to CPS for processing. References are also verified.
  • Training is the next step in the process. Fulltime employees received training within their respective department or school. Substitute teachers and/or instructional assistants receive training from the human resource department, department of student services, Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Nurse Manager.

It is important for parents, students and community members to understand that safety is our number one priority. Although we cannot guarantee that unfortunate events will not take place, we try to always do our best to prevent these by offering extensive background screenings and training.