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The OCPS 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

The OCPS 2023-2028 Strategic Plan was approved by the School Board at the July 24, 2023 meeting.  OCPS is now in Phase 3, Strategic Action. 

First page of the PDF file: FinalStrategicPlan

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Current Phase:  3-Strategic Action

Communicating the Plan

Dr. Hornick pictured at schools presenting the strategic plan to staff members.
First page of the PDF file: OCPSStrategicPlanSitePresentation

Phase 3:  Strategic Action.  This phase includes the implementation of the plan and the reporting of outcomes.  Dr. Hornick is visiting each school to present the plan to staff members so that they are familiar with plan and their roles in its implementation.

Click on the image above to view his presentation to staff.


How Did We Get Here?

Planning & Development


Why Strategic Planning?

Over several months, the Orange County community developed a strategic plan to guide the work of the school district. Strategic planning allows us to:

  • Engage our community in meaningful ways.

  • Build partnerships and public confidence.

  • Create and communicate a shared vision internally and externally.

  • Demonstrate the courage to abandon status quo thinking.

  • Decide how to spend new money and/or how to make cuts without sacrificing quality.

  • Determine which programs/initiatives are right for your students and/or which ones to abandon.

Our challenge is rethinking how we do things and identifying the systems that need to be put into place in order for us to move our system forward. A completed strategic plan makes our priorities clear, ensures full transparency, and uses measurable outcomes to hold us accountable for maintaining focus on what will benefit our students.

OCPS Strategic Planning Team 

Members of the OCPS Strategic Planning Team pose for a group photo.
Morayo Ajibulu
Hannah Anderson
Melissa Anderson  
Tim Bosford
Renee Bourke 
Nora Brooking 
Jess Cifizzari 
Jeremy Cole 
Brian Crane
Alan Daniel
Pa'trice Day-Owens 
Keisha Gourdine-Arnold 
Dr. Daniel Hornick
Lawyer Johnson
Mike Jones
Steve Keeler 
Gary MacFadden 
Deanne Marshall
Jude Melton
Alan Miller
Shirley Moody 
Ellen Pitera
Emily Poole 
Dani Rivera 
Diana Siles Gonzalez 
Jason Smith
L'Antoinella Spiller-Reddick 
Alyssa Waller
Seth Wilbanks
 Judy Woolfrey 


Strategic Planning Teams were recognized at the June 5, 2023 School Board meeting. Pictured above are representatives from the six teams, a planning team and five action teams, who contributed to the development of the school division’s draft strategic plan.
OCPS is grateful for the team members’ commitment to the future of our students, staff, families, and community.